Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Best Super Bowl EVER!!!!!!!!! Greatest game ever!!!!!! Some people say that over time you can become a steeler fan. But us Yinzers believe its in your blood. Juliana was screaming right along with us crazy people. She loved the co motion. One of the best moments was when James harrison intercepted and ran it back 100 yards for a touch down. Most babies would have lost it when we all started jumping around and screaming at the top of our lunges. But not our Jules...she screamed right along with us :) Best super bowl ever! best baby ever! This is going to be a great year :)
I almost forgot to give updates on Jules.
She said her first word and its DaDa. Of course i carry the child nine months and not only does she look exactly like her father but she also said his name first.

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  1. omg. tooo cute! love the steelers outfit. she looks so happy... and i´m thinking that smile is starting to look a little like a davoli grin... i wanna hear her say DaDa.. you should upload a video. miss you so much!